Song From the Rubble

Kristy White
by Kristy White and Marc Phillips


"Song From the Rubble" is a very special song with an amazing and poignant story.  It is the true story of the miraculous rescue and survival of 70 year old Ana Zizi from the rubble of the cathedral 7 days later in Port au Prince, Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010.  Not only did this woman miraculously survive after being burried under the concrete rubble for a whole week with no food or water~  She was pulled out singing and praising the Lord!!  

I heard her story on the news, was blown away by her story, and wrote it down.  I showed my lyrics to my producer, Marc.  He fell in love with the story and the lyrics.  And, he created the arrangement to accompany it.  The rest is history!

I hope you will enjoy "Song From the Rubble"!


Song From the Rubble



Blue skies above

not a cloud on high

children in school

people getting by

when the ground begins to shake and split in two

a song from the rubble


Dust fills the air

Blue turns to gray

Sun disappears

Walls start to cave

a city falls down crushing orphans and rulers

theres a. . . song from the rubble




Day turns to night

Night back to day

Over and over the scene replays

as brothers and sisters join hands to dig through

a song from the rubble.


A sound faint and weak

breaks through death’s gloom

It rises up

through the concrete tomb

the voice is shouting praise and singing hallelujahs

a song from the rubble.



Dragged from the ash

Her song on the breeze

Her eyes glimmer


Her light shines bright for all the world to see

a song from the rubble


Her son knew all along

His mama was alive

She had been on her knees

when the earth split wide

and he believed God heard her prayer to thee

a song from the rubble.

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