Snowflake Lullaby

Kristy White
By Kristy White and Marc Phillips


It was a rare snowy Alabama day, and I had the honor of watching my seven year old daughter dance and play in the magical falling flakes.  "Snowflake Lullaby" tells the story of the beauty and innocence of childhood.  How wonderful would it be if we could keep that wonder and awe all of our lives!


Snowflake Lullaby


V1 White flakes drift and swirl

Dance on the breeze; land on my girl 

Fill the air, as beauty surrounds

Lay a blanket on the ground


V2. Her laugh breaks the silent cold

Warms the air; touches my soul

Her blue eyes, with joy complete

Catching snowflakes on her tongue, so sweet.


V3. Oh the joy of wonder divine

Magic and fairies and once upon a times

Still live on as I can see

Through my baby girl-- a part of me



Oh the simple heart of childhood

Pure and innocent it be

Hope and passion, faith and love

And the freedom to believe

How I long for those simple gifts

Lost through the years along the way

As I nostalgically watch my girl

Giggling, dancing as the crystals swirl

And pray the beauty of childhood to stay

For her and me.

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