Kristy White
by Kristy White


I was sitting out on my porch one fall afternoon waiting for my daughter to get home.  My back yard is a sanctuary of beautiful trees and wildlife.  It is the place I go to write and think and just spend quiet time with God.  This song is the very first I wrote.  It came to me in a flood. . . and a melody came with it as I sat on my porch soaking in the symphony occurring around me in nature.  I couldn't put my pencil down until the flood of words stopped.  That was the moment I first realized I was a song writer.  "Dancin' on the Wind" is a celebration of the beauty and majesty of nature, and it is the title song of my album.  Enjoy!



Standing inside God’s painting. . .

The world  is alive,

What a wonderful place.

I can’t help but see 

The magic of the trees

As they shiver and bend

To the song of the breeze.




Dancin’ on the wind

Growin’ in the sun

Flowers, birds and bees

To nature’s symphony.

The world’s a masterpiece,

Unrivaled artistry,

How humble am I

To listen and see?



Locusts in the the trees

Singin’ sweet as they please.

Can’t you hear the rhythm

Of the song that they sing?

Buzzin’ humminbird’s wings

Tree frogs croak in my dreams.

Each creature’s a part

Of nature’s melody.



Dancin’ on the wind

Growin’ in the sun

Flowers, birds and bees

To nature’s symphony.

The world’s a masterpiece,

Unrivaled artistry,

How humble am I

To listen and see?





Kristy White
by Kristy White


I wrote this song about one of the most breathtaking creatures in nature. . . the hummingbird, after a divine encounter I had with one.  This little hummer was trapped inside my screened porch, hanging onto the screen, exhausted from numerous attempts to get out.  I stepped up and cupped my hand over this little creature, he fell back into my hand without even a hint of fight or fear.  I noticed how weightless he felt~ like holding a feather.  And, I noticed how completely calm and still he was as I was walking him outside into the open.  I opened my hands to let him fly away, and this little fella just sat there in the palm of my hand.  He tilted his little head and looked me in the eye.  I am sure I gasped when he did this!  And, then a few seconds later, he flew away.  

I was awestruck by this little miracle.  And, I wrote "Fly" about this majestic "whisper of wind" and how we have much in common with this little bird as we rest in the palm of God's hand.  



Oh, little hummin’ bird
So sweet
Sittin’ in my hand 
Remindin’ me

V1  Fly little humminbird fly
Spread your wings
The delight of children’s eyes.
You move so free,
So effortlessly,
And hover out my window face to face with me.

Mmm, it’s amazing’ to me
How God can pack such wonder
In a tiny thing
Dancing on the breeze
Little prism of light, proof of His majesty

CHORUS: Ohhh, little hummin’bird,
Whisper on the wind
Artfully observed.
Jewel of the sky
So fast and so strong,
Tiny image of God
You’re why I’m singin’ this song.

V2: Fly little humminbird fly
Gonna cross that ocean
So deep and so wide
Follow my lead
Across that sea
Make that flight of faith, you already believe.

Oh child hear my word
Such lessons to be learned
From a humminbird.
Take heart in your troubles,
Step out on the sea.
All things are possible, just trust in me.

CHORUS: Oh, child of mine
Whisper on the wind
Unique and divine
I’ll give you wings to fly 
And eyes to see
If you’ll rest in my hand, and seek only me.

Oh child of God
So sweet

Kristy White
by Charles Trenet
Kristy White
by Milton DeLugg and Willie Stein
Kristy White
By Kristy White and Marc Phillips


It was a rare snowy Alabama day, and I had the honor of watching my seven year old daughter dance and play in the magical falling flakes.  "Snowflake Lullaby" tells the story of the beauty and innocence of childhood.  How wonderful would it be if we could keep that wonder and awe all of our lives!


Snowflake Lullaby


V1 White flakes drift and swirl

Dance on the breeze; land on my girl 

Fill the air, as beauty surrounds

Lay a blanket on the ground


V2. Her laugh breaks the silent cold

Warms the air; touches my soul

Her blue eyes, with joy complete

Catching snowflakes on her tongue, so sweet.


V3. Oh the joy of wonder divine

Magic and fairies and once upon a times

Still live on as I can see

Through my baby girl-- a part of me



Oh the simple heart of childhood

Pure and innocent it be

Hope and passion, faith and love

And the freedom to believe

How I long for those simple gifts

Lost through the years along the way

As I nostalgically watch my girl

Giggling, dancing as the crystals swirl

And pray the beauty of childhood to stay

For her and me.

Kristy White
by Christine McVie
Kristy White
by Kristy White and Marc Phillips


"Song From the Rubble" is a very special song with an amazing and poignant story.  It is the true story of the miraculous rescue and survival of 70 year old Ana Zizi from the rubble of the cathedral 7 days later in Port au Prince, Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010.  Not only did this woman miraculously survive after being burried under the concrete rubble for a whole week with no food or water~  She was pulled out singing and praising the Lord!!  

I heard her story on the news, was blown away by her story, and wrote it down.  I showed my lyrics to my producer, Marc.  He fell in love with the story and the lyrics.  And, he created the arrangement to accompany it.  The rest is history!

I hope you will enjoy "Song From the Rubble"!


Song From the Rubble



Blue skies above

not a cloud on high

children in school

people getting by

when the ground begins to shake and split in two

a song from the rubble


Dust fills the air

Blue turns to gray

Sun disappears

Walls start to cave

a city falls down crushing orphans and rulers

theres a. . . song from the rubble




Day turns to night

Night back to day

Over and over the scene replays

as brothers and sisters join hands to dig through

a song from the rubble.


A sound faint and weak

breaks through death’s gloom

It rises up

through the concrete tomb

the voice is shouting praise and singing hallelujahs

a song from the rubble.



Dragged from the ash

Her song on the breeze

Her eyes glimmer


Her light shines bright for all the world to see

a song from the rubble


Her son knew all along

His mama was alive

She had been on her knees

when the earth split wide

and he believed God heard her prayer to thee

a song from the rubble.

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