Kristy is a living example of the truth “your passions and dreams will haunt you until you embrace them“. She grew up in the little town of Anniston, Alabama with her musician mother, Louise Ballenger, and younger brother. She was soaked and steeped in the power and beauty of music early on as it filled her home from the time she was born. And, although her path took her into the teaching field early on, she has come back to and embraced her true love. . . Making Music.

God has blessed Kristy with a wonderful husband who is the light in her life; and her two daughters. . . one born to her and the other born in her heart across the sea in Shanghai, China.   Becoming a mother, a wife, a teacher and mentor,  molded her into the whole person she is, and she doesn't regret a moment of the experiences that have shaped her and have allowed her to touch the lives of others around her. "In fact, all of these things have prepared me to accept the truth I’ve known all along. . . “For as long as I can remember, I have loved music. Music is as essential to me as air.”

 Classically trained in voice and piano, Kristy loves many styles of music from gospel to jazz to blues to Broadway, to country. She enjoys listening to them, singing them. . . and writing songs. It is story-telling. And, music is such a powerful way to tell a story.



Another love of Kristy's is theatre.  She's had the great honor of performing on many of Birmingham's stages in a variety of leading and supporting roles.  

'Music and storytelling are two forces that work together seamlessly. And, whether teaching poetry and creative writing to middle schoolers, or performing in live theatre, I have always found myself pulled to what I love most. But, the time has  finally come for me to realize another dream. . . one that has haunted me for many years.  So, now, I introduce myself~ Kristy White, the songwriter and songstress.

 My hope is that I will inspire people and prove that it is never too late to grab hold of your dream, and turn a 'what could have been' into a 'what is'.

 I believe every day. . .  every moment is a gift to be cherished and realized. I will use the rest of my moments to share the music in my soul with all who will hear it."

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